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Dana Couillard

Ripple Dynamics is a company focused on Making Stress Your Ally™.  Stress is directly connected to how we perceive our worlds which in turn effects how we think, feel, decide, act, and behave.  Learn to change your perceptions and control your stress.


​Dana is a professionally certified educator, experienced mentor, and award-winning author, with a Master’s degree in Human Behavior. He is also a certified evidence-based coach, and has 30+ years lived experience with stress, anxiety, and mild depression.

He uses a variety of human behavior principles to work with individuals who are feeling the impact of high or chronic stress, different levels of anxiety, or a lack of focus or purpose. 

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All of his work is based on the latest research in the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral neurosciences.


Dana is driven to help others make positive change stick!  How?  By helping each individual discover, understand, and apply concepts and tools to manage lifelong change and progress in their own lives.


He mentors business owners, professionals, and anyone who leads or manages teams of individuals, by using his lived experiences with stress, anxiety and mild depression, integrated with his deep-seated knowledge of human behavior. 


He has more than thirty years of expertise in the business, education, and not-for-profit sectors.


If you would like to talk with Dana, you can schedule a free, no obligation call.     

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Schedule a free 30-minute, no-obligation, no 'sales pitch' call with Dana.  You will discuss your current needs and goals and any changes you would like to make in your professional or personal life.  Dana will give you an overview of the program, answer any of your questions, and discuss how it may (or may not) be a fit for you.  

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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