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Make Stress Your Ally Program



PURPOSE: To help individuals working in groups or teams perceive and understand stress in new ways and to help them begin operating in their optimal stress zone by creating a common understanding and language about stress and performance.


DESIGNED FOR: Individuals experiencing difficult-to-control or significant levels of stress and/or anxiety, from external situations/events or from internal feelings and beliefs such as, but not limited to:

  • Frustration / Irritability / Feeling overwhelmed

  • High or chronic stress / Anxiety / Depression

  • High self-doubt / Low self-confidence / Low Self-esteem

  • Inability to stay focused / Lack of purpose

  • Loss / Sadness / Grief

  • And much more . . . .

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The program is delivered in two modes:

  1. Bi-monthly In-person or virtual sessions with the group of participants.

  2. Bi-monthly phone or virtual calls to each participant to monitor progress and answer any questions.  These calls take place on the off-months between the group sessions.


Each session ends with each participant asked to identify one action they can take to integrate the new knowledge into their work and/or personal performance.

Session 01

Transition vs. Change - What's the Difference and Why Should You Care

  • Discovery session to determine where the client is currently, where they would like to be, and the potential challenges/barriers to getting there.

Session 02

How You Perceive Your World and Why It Matters

  • Understand how you currently perceive your world and learn new ways to perceive it differently

Session 03

The Horse, The Rider & The Gap

  • Rational vs. emotional thinking:  how they differ, how they interact, and where the power resides

  • The Gap – where all stress starts and . .  where it ends.

Session 04

Four Psychological Needs - What They Are and Why They Are Important

  • Overview of the four psychological needs, why we need them, what happens when they are not met effectively, and what we can do to meet each need more effectively.

Session 05

The Invisible Bucket - Are you a bucket dipper or filler?

  • How changing your language can change your environment

Join me for an individualized, engaging, and highly applicable understanding of stress, decision-making, taking action, and achieving a more meaningful, fulfilling life!


Josh J Johnson,
Controller, Cancarb Ltd.

Dana's well structured approach and easy manner quickly allowed me to flesh out my personal vision for what kind of leader I want to be, while providing me with the tools and skills to get there. Highly recommended if you want to take your leadership ability to the next level.

Derrick Peterson,
Riverview Insurance Solutions Inc.

Dana has a unique ability to drill down to the core of what makes us profitable and what our true value proposition is.

Phillip Perry, 
Operations Manager, Cancarb Ltd.

I would highly recommend Dana to anyone who is in a managerial/leadership role who wants to learn and better understand how to deal with direct reports and the day to day stresses that come with some of these roles.

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