Stress.  Anxiety.  Performance.

Are you struggling with your performance or the impacts of stress and anxiety?


Ever feel like there is a gap between where you are now and

where you would like to be in the future?


To paraphrase Albert Einstein,

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

we used when we created them.”


In short, in order to grow your business, you have to grow yourself. 

But . . . . how do you make that transition to new growth? 

Learn how to grow yourself first


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Stories to help you

explore the concepts of percation and stress.


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I am the founder of Ripple Dynamics, a company focused on Exploring the Power of Perception™.


I teach human behavior and transition, I write about human behavior and transition, and I work with individuals and organizations in expanding their perception and thinking.

I’m driven to help others

make change stick!



Inspiring others to create more meaningful, engaged lives.



Teaching new ways of perceiving and thinking.



Successfully executing individual and/or business efforts to change.



I'm a professional mentor

and award-winning author,

with a Master’s degree in

Human Development.

I also hold more than thirty

years of expertise in the

business, education, and

not-for-profit sectors.



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Dana and I worked together for more than a dozen years in his capacity as coach, educator, mentor, sensei and collaborator. Dana has a deep intellectual and emotional understanding of what makes people tick. Through him, I confronted the demons that were holding me back - both personally and professionally - and learned how to help my clients conquer theirs. He is a master at sharing knowledge and motivating well considered action. Never brash or confrontational, he gently but firmly guided me

on the road to calm, confidence and clarity about myself and others. Intelligent, intuitive,

compassionate, empathetic - all of the above and much more.

- Dale E., Blakeberry Estate Planning Inc.    

I have had the pleasure of working with Dana for over a decade. His common sense

brilliance has made a significant difference in my life,

personally and professionally.  

- Kent S., Smith Group Business & Estate Planning Ltd. 

I would like to personally thank Dana for helping to transform our company from a product supply company to a professional people development corporation, and in the meantime helping us create

a better product that is produced more efficiently. The impact that he has been directly involved with

in our company has created positive waves of untold proportions. If you are looking for a consultant

that is dedicated, honest and ethical to a fault, Dana is your guy. Be prepared for positive

results and an excellent relationship  

- Tony Isaac, CEO ROC Modular    

I have worked with Dana for over 5 yrs and he has helped my business immensely in terms of helping

me gain focus and perspective on what it is that I do. Dana has a unique ability to drill down to the

core of what makes us profitable and what our true value proposition is. He is my most trusted

advisor. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a honest coach

to help take your business to the next level!

- Derrick P., Riverview Insurance Solutions Inc.    

Partial List of Previous Clients

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Alberta Environment and Parks

BDO Canada


Blaeberry Estate Planning

Canada Life

Canadian Mental Health Association

City of Brooks Human Resources

City of Lethbridge Human Resources

City of Medicine Hat Human Resources

Community Futures Network of Alberta

Community Futures Chinook Region

Community Futures Entrecorp

Community Futures Lethbridge Region

Community Foundation of Southeastern AB

Couillard Group Inc.

Dairy Smart Nutrition Group

Family Wealth Coach Inc.

Flint Energy Resources

Human Resources - Social Development Canada

Husky Energy Canada

Jayco Builders

Livingstone Range School Division

McMan Youth Services

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education

Morneau Shepell

Riverview Insurance Solutions

ROC Modular

Smith Group Business & Estate Planning

Trans Canada Pipelines



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