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Make Stress Your Ally Program


In this 8 session program, you'll learn the fundamentals of human behavior that directly can have a positive or negative impact on your mind, your performance and your overall mental wellbeing.


Bi-Weekly Sessions

The eight program modules are presented on a bi-weekly schedule.  This allows time for each participant review, absorb, and integrate their new knowledge.  Each session is facilitated by program creator and founder, Dana Couillard. You will also have direct access to Dana by phone, text or email during office hours.

What You'll Learn

Actionable insights into turning your stress into your ally. 

  • Behavioral framework for getting into, and staying in, your Optimal Stress Zone.

  • The 3CP framework that affects all human beings that, if ignored, can cause mounting frustration and stress.

  • How you currently perceive your world and how you can grow and expand your perception of your world.

  • Difference between rational and emotional thinking, how they interact, and where the power resides. 

  • Key rational and emotional biases impacting your thinking, actions, and performance.

  • Tools to help you identify your current challenges and needs, how to maintain your awareness of them, and how to grow and move forward to your desired future.

  • How to observe and relate to your employees and customers through a new behavioral lens.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe in the results this approach has provided other clients.  After completing the program and the bonus follow-up session, if you don't think the content has improved, or will improve, your business, career, or personal life, I will provide you with a full refund.

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