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Make Stress Your Ally!

What if I told you that there is no such thing as a stress-free life or . . . . an anxiety-free life?

Why is it that stress is most often perceived as an exclusively negative sensation? Work deadlines pile up, family issues take their toll, busy schedules wear us thin, Covid arrives and lingers, and we wind up drained.

Many of us are experiencing levels of stress that are overwhelming the coping strategies that worked in the past and we are not fully recognizing our stress levels. By losing our ability to manage stress, not knowing when to seek help – or both – we’ve put our health, personal relationships, and professional successes at risk.

This is fundamentally a problem related to perception. Perception relates to how we take in information, make sense of it, and act on it in ways that can add meaning to our lives. Perceptions are very powerful but they are also flexible. We can change or expand our perceptions of our world.

If we can change our perception, then we can learn to see stress as an ally, not a foe!

Enter the Optimal Stress Toolkit ™, a set of tools and programs that I have researched, applied, built upon, revised, and reapplied while working with clients over the past decade or so.

The concept of ‘optimal stress’ or of stress being a good thing is not new. But . . . . the engaging and innovative way I approach stress and performance is! All of the tools in the Toolkit are based on principles related to the power of perception as well as the principles and biases of human behaviour.

Experience some of the benefits of being in your optimal stress zone:

  • Better concentration

  • Better performance

  • Enhanced memory

  • Enhanced motivation

  • Increased confidence

My hope is that, by applying each of the Tool Tips, you will:

  • Feel more in control, on-purpose, and focused.

  • Manage your stress and performance by learning how to function in your unique optimal stress zone.

  • Understand yourself, your employees, and your clients in new, engaging ways.

  • Optimize performance and productivity in your company or organization.

The tool tips are designed for two groups of people:

  1. Individuals who are looking to enhance their performance, clarify their professional and personal purpose, and communicate on a more meaningful level with their teams, employees, customers, and clients.

  2. Individuals who may be feeling chronic or high stress, may be experiencing some levels of anxiety, or may be feeling overwhelmed, off-purpose, or out-of-focus.

Learn how to make stress your ally! I look forward to having you along on the journey!

~ Dana

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